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Downtown Players Club Revealed

Catalyst Arts ATL is so excited to share this awesome conversation had with Kris Pilcher from Downtown Players Club. We asked, and he bared their cards:

Have we seen you around these parts? Who are you exactly?

Downtown Players Club is an incubation and experimentation space for performance artists. This includes theater, puppetry, dance, independent performance work, improvisation, etc. We work on a membership basis for both grassroots performance companies and individual artists. There is a shortage of affordable performance and rehearsal space in Atlanta- and many options are too expensive or consistently booked, so we wanted to offer space to Atlanta's performance community where they felt inspired to create and collaborate with fellow artists. When construction is complete, we will have rehearsal space, a blackbox theater, design labs, a script resource library, a workshop, and more. We also encourage members to be involved with the South Downtown community and to work with and patronize the other artistic disciplines present.

As artists, we are all truly players, I get that, and everyone likes a good club (whether it be the card suit or the sandwich) but why downtown?

It is our opinion that Downtown is the heart of Atlanta. We're about 3 blocks from mile marker 0, which was the center of the city in the 19th century when the city was a huge train depot. Downtown is full of history and some of the city's most historic buildings. We are extremely convenient to public transportation and our proximity to other arts organizations puts us in a truly creative community. It's about time we show downtown some love.

(Speaking of card suits) Let's talk about the heart of things. What are your dreams for Atlanta?

I think we all hope for a more progressive and socially conscious city. As artists, we'd like to be respected as cultural assets for our city, and preserve and maintain Atlanta's sense of identity. The city needs some new, innovative thinkers in power.

You guys are a diamond in the rough and we are so stoked to be hanging out with ya'll on Wednesday for our trailer launch party, why are you excited to party with Catalyst?

It's always wonderful to experience new creatives! We are excited to work with Catalyst for the first time, especially because their mission is socially charged, much like ours.

Any final words...

Come play.

Come play with the artists from Catalyst Arts ATL and Downtown Players Club, Wednesday night for our Trailer Release Party for "The Trestle at Pope Lick Creek".

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