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"Kept Woman": Local Arts, Lots-O-Love

Catalyst member Emily Kleypas has some exciting (and terrifying) news to share! She will be producing a World Premiere workshop production in an Off-Broadway space, selected as a piece that will be produced as part of the 2016-2017 Araca Project season- a project that is funded by the Araca Group.


The play being produced is KEPT WOMAN- a piece that was written and will be directed by local ATL artist Rebekah Suellau. A play about a woman who moves to the basement of her ex-lover after she cheats, it is about the dangerous power dynamics that can be present in monogamous relationships, the depth of guilt a woman can feel in the face of infidelity, and the strength a woman has in owning her actions, her art, and her growth.

Starring Catalyst member Barrett Doyle in his NY debut, and having local ATL

artist Elizabeth Jarrett join the team as set designer, the whole project is beaming with ATL pride, and hoping to make a big splash in the NY scene by showing them what is going on in this great city of ours.

Over the course of the week up in NY, Catalyst member Emily Kleypas got to meet and engage in workshops with Jeremy Blocker (Managing Director of NYTW), Orin Wolf (Commercial Producer, President of NETworks, Scott Morfee (Artistic Director at Barrow Street Theater), Jess Levine (Production Manager at Ars Nova), Andy Jones (General Manager of Hamilton) and Lindsey Meck (Producer on Disgraced, worked at Araca Group).

Emily has said, "I came back to ATL with a heart full of admiration for the people I work with here. I felt like I truly belonged in that room because this community pushes me to be better. The support for Catalyst last year with our first production was incredible, and the cities are few and far between in which a team of young producers can build something from the ground up. I was able to find collaborators here in my Catalyst team, and we were able to find a community that encourages and responds to the work we do in a matter of months. It is because of this support and experience that I felt I belonged in that room- with young producers from all over the country who are just as impassioned and driven as I. "

Now the KEPT WOMAN team is at the place of shaking trees. It is the LAST DAY of their crowdfunding campaign, and they have $3,000 more to make before the campaign is said and done.

If you would like to donate to the cause, you can do so at the following link:

Please spread the word about what will be a beautiful, compelling production. We know they won't let you down ATL. They will make you proud.

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