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What's Next?

Why don't YOU tell us.

Catalyst Arts Atlanta is taking open submissions. Catalyst talks about Community Voices in our mission statement but what do the artistic and civic voices of Atlanta have to say? Well, you are Atlanta's voice. We want to hear your ideas.

How do you share your idea? Step 1. Have an idea. Any artistic moment you want to share from gallery shows, to dance performances in Piedmont park, to a workshop of a new musical. We believe every-one is an artist, everyone has something to say and that all artistic ideas are worth nurturing. Step 2. Fill out our handy dandy open submission form. The form is full of fun questions such as What's your name? How does this project meet Catalyst's mission and offer cross collaborative opportunities? If you had a superpower what would it be?(The last one is not actually on the form but if you would like to answer it anyways, shoot us an email at Fun Fact: Any idea presented by a Catalyst collective member goes through the exact same form and consideration process that your idea goes through. Step 3. Give Catalyst Arts Atlanta your patience. Because we want to make sure your idea is given the thoughtfulness it deserves submission may take up to 14 business days for review. Every submission is read, discussed thoroughly and voted on by the collective.Submitting an artistic idea does not guarentee that Catalyst will be able to produce or host your project. We can however guarentee that our team will review it, consider it, and nurture your idea as if it was our own.

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