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Meanwhile, At the Motel Room

nhabiting the world of Actor's Express' Sweeney Todd, we were invited into this mysteriously tantalizing space for Jill Patrick's The Meantime. The foreboding setting helped create an almost Noir touch to the piece; with astonishing reveals and secrets uncovered at every corner, the only thing missing was a private dick with a light cigarette dangling from his mouth. Just when you think you're on the level, the characters pull the rug and watch as you sink into their lies and madness.

Working Title Playwrights put forth the second project in their First Light Series with The Meantime, delving into "...a tale of two broken spirits searching for answers." WTP provides a space, director, stage manager, and marketing support to help local playwrights find a voice and hone their craft. We at Catalyst are big supporters of the group and our good friend, Amber Bradshaw. Looking forward to the next reading!

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