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Did Someone Say Quarter Life Crisis?!

Sometimes you just have to be proud of your own. Catalyst Arts ATL is so proud of our collective member, Emily Kleypas, and her spot in the comedic web series that is co-written, produced, and performed by two local ATL female talents (Celia Elizabeth Quillian and Shelli Delgado).

This series focuses on the transitive time in your mid-twenties when you work multiple odd jobs, go on multiple odd dates, and have not so many multiple odd friends.

Emily offers a few words about her experience with the show and the amazing story it's telling:

"As a current quarter life millennial, I have to say that at this point in my life, everything about "this time" feels just a little off. We're constantly being told it is "the time of our lives" by older generations and mass media, and although we'll never be younger, we can't help but wish we were just a little bit older...searching for a little more credibility, stability, and opportunity.

One of the beautiful things about the Atlanta art scene, is that there is still space within the community to DIY if you're so inclined. This gives young artists willing to put in the time and effort a chance to truly make a career for themselves."

If you'd like to help this cause, please think about supporting the ‪Indiegogo‬ campaign for ‎"Quarter Life - The Webseries"‬. There is only 3 days left to donate, and they have less than $2,000 to reach their goal. Help them make their dreams come true.


If you'd like to read more about the series check out Creative Loafing Atlanta's article, and click on the "indegogo" link in the article to donate.

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