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The setting is an icy ledge high up on K2, the world's deadliest, second highest mountain. Two climbers, Taylor and Harold, are stranded at 27,000 feet, and Harold has suffered a broken leg in their precipitous descent. They have also lost one of their ropes, and the remaining one is neither long or strong enough to serve as a sling to lower Harold to the next ledge. As Taylor climbs back up the mountain in an attempt to recover the other rope, the two men keep up a running conversation which begins in a lighthearted vein but gradually shades into an absorbing discussion of the meaning and value of life. 
This thrilling, challenging play uses mountain climbing as a metaphor to explore a deeper theme: the recognition that human beings are free to choose whether they will live or die and do so calmly and objectively, even under the most severe conditions.

"What we feel is indeed that tingling sensation of traveling beyond the rim of experience—of holding on to life at its highest peak." —NY Times. 

"The entire action really takes place in the hearts, mind and pasts of two climbers…it is quite extraordinary—probably like nothing you have seen before." —NY Post. 

"…I found it unexpectedly thrilling from start to finish." —The New Yorker.


Who We Are

Catalyst Arts Atlanta is an eclectic group of 6 Atlanta based artists, storytellers, performers, designers, musicians, craftsmen, filmmakers... and the list goes on!

We believe we are defined by what we create.

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Joel Coady

Dan Ford

Liz Schad

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Barrett Doyle

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